Four Years

Four years. Four years. Four years since the most influential person in my life died in my arms! She taught me so much: compassion, friendship, respect, understanding, and most importantly…unconditional love. I learned from her to appreciate nature and the beauty of a new moon, the first frost, the first snowfall, and the first buds of spring. I learned to cherish my friends and family and never go to bed angry. I learned how to cherish life and to appreciate every breath that I take. She taught me how to laugh! And this morning…. how to cry.



Rita Cordeiro October 8, 1935 – April 11, 2015

May 13, 2012-249MothersDay2012


It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that my dear mother-in law, my other mother, Rita Ouellette Cordeiro, passed away peacefully today. Words cannot express how deeply loved this woman was. She had touched so many lives and┬áhas┬áspread her love so greatly for everyone. She raised 4 amazing children with her equally wonderful husband, Manny, and blessed the lives of her dear sister, as well as countless other friends and family. May the absolute, unconditional love, that she so graciously shared so freely, continue to shine on in all of us… for generations to come!

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