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Obama vs. Romney, Show Some Respect in Your Posts!

What bothers me is all this emphasis on the deficit during this Presidential Debate. Independent analysis has shown that neither man’s plan is enough to solve the problem. The system is broken, the President can’t fix it. Who is better for the dying middle class gets my vote. So far, President Obama just makes sense to me. The mud slinging about Libya is so stupid. This has been one of the strongest and supportive presidents we have had militarily. I don’t believe for one minute that he does not have our military and the American public’s best interest in his mind. That is his job and I believe all who have been elected believe they are doing what they think is best. I am so sick of the disregard for common sense by the partisan groups on either side. I definitely believe that I am better off than when President Obama was elected into office, the facts show that the economy is slowly turning around. I say give him another 4 years. Hell, it must take almost that, just to learn the job. I don’t want to go backwards. I’m giving him my vote to hopefully give him a chance to finish what he has begun. I will not put anymore posts about this as I, and I am sure you, are tired of all the rhetoric from both sides. What really irks me are friends who post that all conservatives, liberals, republicans, christians, atheists, democrats are stupid, or fill in the blank. It is so insulting to someone, who might be someone you know. People have different opinions, but that doesn’t make them looney, stupid, bleeding heart, or whatever. One of the reasons that nothing gets done in government is because of all this compartmentalizing and labeling of, “the other side.” Until we can work together, we will never succeed. Show some savvy and stop the name calling in your posts, you might gain some respect, and actually influence someone. This ends my political posting for this election.