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Bionic Woman Again

Tonight I watched another episode of NBC’s Bionic Woman and a few things are still really bothering me about this show. Firstly, I am really sick of the camera work, especially during the fight scenes. It is so jerky and nauseating! Must they make me sick every time Jaime gets in a fight? This brings me to the second thing that bothers me. Why do we have to have all these extended martial arts fight scenes? Producers! She is bionic. She can take out an enemy with one hand! Enough with all the kicking and punching! Each fight scene is presented as if she is going to be overpowered or something. It is ridiculous that we have to have these extended fight scenes. And finally, let Isaiah Washington’s contract go. At this point, it is not even for the reason that he is a lying, homophobe. He is an awful actor that brings nothing to the show. He mumbles most of his lines, and has created a character that is not needed and is very unappealing. In tonights episode we added a love interest for Jaime, the CIA agent. Not only is he pleasant to look at, but they have a nice chemistry together. Have him join up with our gal and get rid of our boy Isaiah. You just might have the makings of a show.

Michelle Ryan as The Bionic Woman

Bionic Woman

My favorite show as a child was The Bionic Woman starring Lindsay Wagner. The new fall season brings us a new incarnation simply called, Bionic Woman. So far I would say it is not an instant hit. I like the new lead, Michelle Ryan enough, but the rest of the cast leaves me pretty cold. I can’t believe that they added the lying homophobe, Isaiah Washington,as Antonio Pope to the cast. He gets a new series for being a jerk on another? There are far more actor’s available and willing to work  than rewarding this moron. I would also like to to comment on Miguel Ferrer‘s one note performance. He plays Jaime’s Sommer’s boss, Jonas Bledsoe. His performance is emotionless and totally unlikeable so far. Why would anyone work for him. The characters Jae Kim and Ruth are also, in my opinion totally unappealing. Katee Sackhoff who plays the first bionic woman, Sarah Corvus, does add a nice spark to an otherwise dull cast. One of the nice touches of the original series was how compassionate the original Jaime Sommers was. You really cheered for her at her triumphs and felt sad for her when she sometimes just wanted to be a regular gal and not work for a super secret agency and have a normal life… with regular body limbs. I would also like to mention how sick I am of the camera work on this show, as well as many others these days. It is just downright shaky! I think I first noticed this on NYPD Blue and now everyone does it. It is not so special anymore and I never liked it to begin with. The great cinematographers of the past new how to shoot a scene with a locked down camera. No amount of shaking can fix a boring scene.  It doesn’t add anything to the scene other than to make me nauseous!

I wish that the powers that be got together and released the original series on DVD. That would be something to really watch. My rating on the new Bionic Woman? C-

Kathy Griffin Rocks Cohassat

Tonight we had another encounter with that Life on the D List Star, Kathy Griffin. The show at the South Shore Music Circus was a complete sell out and Kathy G really delivered. If you are fans of her reality show,  you really should catch one of her live performances. Her material is always current, and she always makes you feel like she is letting you in on a little secret between friends about those Hollywood crazies! Judging from the crowd tonight I hardly think Miss G qualifies for the D List anymore. She is A-list all the way!


The Soprano’s final episode in one word… boring! This has to have been one of the longest drawn out series in the history of television…and for what? Where is the justice for all those who have been whacked these past 7 years? Does Tony go to prison? Is he eventually killed? The episode left me terribly dissatisfied, not to mention it was very slow paced. The preview made it seem like it was going to be very dramatic. Not! Well at least Sunday evenings are mine now. So Long Sopranos, and good riddance!

NAACP is Loser of the Week

A recent press release from the NAACP states that: “The NACCP Image Awards honors projects and individuals that promote diversity in the arts in television, recording, literature and motion pictures.” Recent Image Award Winner, Isaiah Washington, was promoting diversity when he called a fellow Grey’s Anatomy castmate a “faggot” and then lied that he said it twice on television?

The NAACP is my Loser of the Week.

Where Is The Katharine McPhee We Love?


     I had been looking forward to Katharine McPhee’s album for months now. On American Idol her voice gave me goose bumps! She has a wonderful, tender voice, and it is coupled with a real talent for touching your heart. That Katharine, is no where to be found on her debut album. With the exception of just one song, Ordinary World, the rest of the album sounds like all of the overmixed, emotionless, beat driven music that comes out of the industry today. We love Katharine McPhee for her voice and personality. Sadly, they are no where to be found. However, Ordinary World… Goose Bumps!