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Musings from a Peter Pan mind

Uploading photos

Well I just joined Flikr for a year. It seems like a really cool place to store pictures on the web. I still haven’t found and easy way to just insert a small picture here on WordPress. None of the plugins seem that easy. I am up again too late. I must get some rest. I wonder if this blogging thing is just a fad for me. I seem to go through so many fads! I don’t think that anyone will read this anyway. I guess it is really just like my journal that I have kept over the years. Sometimes I just put an entry in there every couple of years. Well I am gonna do some more research then hit the hay.

I’m Too Fat!!

Well I can’t stand it anymore! I gotta lose this weight (about 80 lbs). Nothing fits, I’m gasping for breath…when is enough, enough! I have tried every diet. I just want to eat large portions! I can eat six cups of vegetables! I took phentramine this morning to help supress my appetite (It’s a prescription). I need to eat 2000 cals a day, and that is it! I eat from 3000 to 4000 a day. Food is just so enjoyable! I gotta find a new passion! I really am looking middle aged now and I hate that. I hope I stick to this, this time around!

I am going to go make lunch.

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton John
Went to her concert tonight at Foxwoods. She looks fantastic! The only problem was the audience . I tipped the maitre ‘d 50 bucks and got in the 4th row. Great seats! The people around us were drunk, talked during the songs, and were just so rude! Concerts have gotten so bad over the years. When I met Liza Minnelli this summer backstage it was the same way. People were so rude of her time. I was embarassed by them and didn’t want to be in the same room with them. ONJ has been through so much over the years. I wonder if her boyfriend will ever turn up. He has been missing for 3 months. Probably sleeping with the fishes. How sad.