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Four Years

Four years. Four years. Four years since the most influential person in my life died in my arms! She taught me so much: compassion, friendship, respect, understanding, and most importantly…unconditional love. I learned from her to appreciate nature and the beauty of a new moon, the first frost, the first snowfall, and the first buds of spring. I learned to cherish my friends and family and never go to bed angry. I learned how to cherish life and to appreciate every breath that I take. She taught me how to laugh! And this morning…. how to cry.



Happy 51 Years to Me?


Today is my 51st birthday. Time to celebrate! 51! I really can’t believe it. I was the baby of the family, but I guess every baby grows up… if given the chance. I have had an amazing 51 years full of so many tragic and joyful events. The highs have been astronomical, and the lows, below the below. As I contemplate over the years on this day, I realize something about birthdays as we get older, they may not be as joyous as everyone thinks. I know, you are thinking it is tough to get old, and it really is an accomplishment that we actually survive another year. I am not  feeling sorry for myself that I am old, but something completely different. I realize today how many people who used to be around to celebrate my fantastic birth, are no longer having birthdays of their own. That is what is not so much fun. Yes, I am still here, and thankful for that, but I can’t help missing the two people who brought me into this world, my mother and father. In fact, when I really think about it, my birthday was probably much more important to them than I can ever imagine it will be to me. Today, 51 years ago, my parents welcomed a new member to the family. How intense that day must have been for them. A day that I actually have no recollection of, but I am supposed to remember to have a good time on its annual anniversary! All this time, I had birthdays wrong. It really isn’t about me getting another year older and how wonderful that is, it is about remembering an event where I changed a family, by expanding it. Now that both my parents, my only two brothers, as well as  grandparents, and many aunts and uncles are gone,  who I remember used to be a part of this “celebration,” birthdays just aren’t the same. Everyone who remembers my birth is not here. Woohoo …let’s eat cake! Somehow, I really am not that hungry.

Goodbye Mickey Rooney

With the passing of Mickey Rooney, I reflect on all the joy he has given me in my life. When I was in grade school, I was always falling asleep in class because I stayed up late watching Mickey and Judy Garland light up my small tv. The Great Entertainment, hosted by local Boston personality (and Bozo the Clown), Frank Avruch, would introduce great musicals from the MGM vault, many featuring Mickey Rooney. These stars of yesterday, were my pop stars that I grew up with, even though they were on the scene decades before I even became a glimmer. While others were talking about the latest episode of the Brady Bunch, I was enjoying the adventures of “Andy Hardy!” I am forever grateful to the stars of yesteryear, such as Mickey Rooney, although my grades in school certainly were not!

Two Years

Mom and Me, March 2011
Two years? Can it be? Two years since my life changed forever and my mother died in my arms? It is so hard for me to comprehend. I still cry many mornings, but not every day now. I still ache deep inside for my loss of my dear, sweet, friend. I find Christmas especially hard, since she loved it so. Most Christmas songs can send me straight into a crying jag. I feel no Christmas spirit anymore and really can’t wait for the whole season to be over. Time has given me some perspective though, I can see how much pain my Mom was in over the last year of her life. I am glad that she is not around to endure any more pain. Life in pain, is not the way to live. I recently looked at a video taken about 2 weeks before she died and I can see that her end was closer than I could face at the time. I just couldn’t think of losing her then.
I miss her wit, her wisdom, and her smile. Each day, she lives on in me, but I am a poor imitation. I miss my friend.
Everyone has a different relationship with their mother. I certainly did. We were so much alike and we were always there for each other. We had lost so much together… My father to Alzheimer’s Disease, a sister-in-law to cancer, and my two brothers to suicide. With losses like that, it bonds the remaining family even tighter together, even if they were close to begin with. I find it difficult sometimes when I realize that I am the, “last one standing,” in my immediate family. I am moving forward… little by little, but today I step back more than a few steps. I miss my friend.

Boston Marathon Memorials 4.20.2013

Boston Marathon 1Boston Marathon 2Boston Marathon Boylston StreetBoston Marathon Memorial 1Boston Marathon Memorial 2Boston Marathon Memorial 3
Boston Marathon Memorial 4Boston Marathon Memorial 5Boston Marathon Memorial Chalk

Tonight we went out to dinner with our friend, Chris, and stopped by one of the many memorials sprouting up around the Boston Marathon crime scene. It was eerie seeing that part of the city without any activity in it. Just being there really hits you hard. We really can take for granted our daily lives and sometimes you get a giant slap in your face to pay attention. Life is so fleeting… and so much can change in an instant!

Bah! Humbug or Maybe The Dickens With It by Betty Ann Fisher

Bah! Humbug or Maybe The Dickens With It
by Betty Ann Fisher

Though Santa’s on the rooftop
With his reindeer hitched to sleigh
I’m convinced his trip is non-stop
And he’ll head the other way.

The stores are filled with bustle
And shoppers in a rush
Theirs is a test of muscle
And their manners make me blush.

This year’s cards all leave me cold
Show naught of Season’s meaning.
Angels in modern dress are bold
Some at a lamp post leaning.

I long for Cherubs garbed in white
With faces which are meek
And Wise Men of that Holy Night
Not thugs with tongue in cheek

Where’s the heartfelt spirit told?
The joy of love and giving?
What of the shepherd tending fold?
How come these times we’re living?

It surely will be Christmas though
Wherever stars come out
To light the way across the snow
Of that there is no doubt.

Two Poems my Mom wrote about her Mom, yet they are true about how I feel as well.

My Truly Special Mom

by Betty Ann Fisher

And when she smiled—
‘Twas as if the world was new,
And when she laughed
Our troubles all seemed few.

She cried but seldom
And ah, she hid the tears
Or wiped them quickly
That none would know her fears.

If steep her path,
She wore no outward sorrow
But kept the ache within herself
Not bitter on the morrow.

She’d never stoop to deed unkind
Nor would she hurt another
Nor hold a grudge within her heart
My sweet and gentle Mother.


by Betty Ann Fisher

A fitting tribute to her memory—a statue struck in bronze? An impressive gravestone in the churchyard? Which of these shall I choose?

I think that I shall always remember her in the first bright flush of dawn, whenever I see a clump of Lilies of the Valley in a quiet glade, when the first Crocus peeks above the ground, in the scent of early Lilacs, when the first Robin makes his appearance, when the earth smells sweet after a summer shower, when the trees swish in a gentle breeze, when I hear a Bob White call.

When the smell of autumn is in the air, when the first frost sets the leaves aflame, when snowflakes fall from Heaven, and when the sunset comes. I’ll remember her when I hear the laughter of children at play or see nuns at prayer. When I hear a lullabye, when a music box tinkles a merry tune. Whenever I smell Violets, I’ll feel that she is near. And when the thaw sets free the mountain brooks and streams, I’ll think of her.

When church bells ring at Easter-tide, when Christmas carols are sung, when I see a cozy kitchen or a warm and glowing hearth, when a kettle sings on a stove, when the crickets chirp and when the stars come out.

Whenever I’m happy I’ll wish that she could share, and when I’m sad I’ll long for the comfort that only she could give. For my triumphs—if only she might prideful be and my faults could help correct. When someone else says, “Mother” I’ll remember mine.

Obama vs. Romney, Show Some Respect in Your Posts!

What bothers me is all this emphasis on the deficit during this Presidential Debate. Independent analysis has shown that neither man’s plan is enough to solve the problem. The system is broken, the President can’t fix it. Who is better for the dying middle class gets my vote. So far, President Obama just makes sense to me. The mud slinging about Libya is so stupid. This has been one of the strongest and supportive presidents we have had militarily. I don’t believe for one minute that he does not have our military and the American public’s best interest in his mind. That is his job and I believe all who have been elected believe they are doing what they think is best. I am so sick of the disregard for common sense by the partisan groups on either side. I definitely believe that I am better off than when President Obama was elected into office, the facts show that the economy is slowly turning around. I say give him another 4 years. Hell, it must take almost that, just to learn the job. I don’t want to go backwards. I’m giving him my vote to hopefully give him a chance to finish what he has begun. I will not put anymore posts about this as I, and I am sure you, are tired of all the rhetoric from both sides. What really irks me are friends who post that all conservatives, liberals, republicans, christians, atheists, democrats are stupid, or fill in the blank. It is so insulting to someone, who might be someone you know. People have different opinions, but that doesn’t make them looney, stupid, bleeding heart, or whatever. One of the reasons that nothing gets done in government is because of all this compartmentalizing and labeling of, “the other side.” Until we can work together, we will never succeed. Show some savvy and stop the name calling in your posts, you might gain some respect, and actually influence someone. This ends my political posting for this election.

News Article on the Crash

Pregnant woman involved in fiery crash

Pregnant woman involved in fiery crash

Car Went Off I-95 in Attleboro

Updated: Sunday, 14 Oct 2012, 6:30 AM EDT
Published : Sunday, 14 Oct 2012, 6:30 AM EDT

  • By James O’Leary

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — Two people were rushed to the hospital following a fiery crash on I-95.

Emergency crews were called to the scene on the northbound side of the highway around 3:30 a.m. Sunday. The car went off the road, and into the woods before it burst into flames.

Massachusetts State Police tell Eyewitness News two people — including a pregnant woman — were taken to Rhode Island Hospital with unknown injuries.

Part of the road was shut down while workers towed the charred vehicle from the woods. The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

Copyright WPRI

First on the Scene of a Car Accident…Again!

I can’t believe that I was first on the scene of a crash again in less than a month! People please drive safely! This was especially scary as when we got down the ravine we could hear someone trapped and then the car caught fire! Mike grabbed a branch and started trying to break the windshield and together we were able to finally kick it in! The man was able to climb out, but we had to pull out the women who turned out to be 1 1/2 months pregnant just in time before the car was totally engulfed in flames. Talk about an adrenaline rush and we were scared for our lives as well! I think they are going to make it thank God. I must say I really have had enough of this kind of excitement, but I am so glad we were able to save them! Now if I can just fall asleep!