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Home From Disney!


Well we made it home! It was a wonderful time and it was so much fun to have most of the family with us! I did O.K. with eating, but had a couple of times where I ate too big a piece of something and was sick for about an hour. It is hard to eat slowly when you are so excited to be someplace. The weather was beautiful and the parks were not that crowded which made the trip really nice. The weather is so cold back here! I am not ready for Winter…. or Fall for that matter!


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Back at Walt Disney World

We arrived safely and have already had a fun filled day! There are 8 of us in total. Mike’s Mom and Dad, His sister Kathy and her partner Karin, his sister Mary Beth, and his brother, Jeff. Unfortunately my sister-in-law, Patricia was not able to make the trip with Jeff. We will really miss her. We went to the Magic Kingdom when we arrived, then headed over for dinner in Morroco at EPCOT. It is so weird to be here with my new stomach! I can barely eat anything, and there is so much food here! I probably will end up losing a ton of weight with all the walking we are doing. I think we are going to Animal Kingdom tomorrow if everyone can get out of bed. This first day is usually very tiring. We are having a great time though! It is wonderful to have almost everyone here!

Epcot Today

We slept in a bit this morning and then we headed off to EPCOT. The Living Seas has been redone with characters from Finding Nemo. It is a nice upgrade, but I was disappointed that they did not use Ellen Degeneres’s voice as the fish Dory. Since they use her voice and likeness at the Universe of Energy at the same park,  I would of thought they could have acquired her to dub the new attraction. My laptop doesn’t want to accept photos from my camera, so pictures will have to wait till I get home. I may post some from my cell phone if I get the chance. MGM Studios is on the agenda for tomorrow!

Walt Disney World

We made it! We are finally here! So far we are having a wonderful time. We met up with our friend, Bob yesterday and had dinner at Ohana. It is a family style restaurant with a Hawaiian flair. They changed the menu and it is not as good as it used to be. It was great to see Bob no matter what the setting. Last night we picked up our dear friends, Bill and Andy, who are staying with us for the week! We were all here in 1999 together, so it makes a nice reunion! We went to the Animal Kingdom this morning and rode Expedition Everest. It is probably the fastest roller coaster in Disneyworld. It was a lot of fun, but the second time we rode it I got a bit nauseated. My cell phone has been acting up so the blogs may not be as frequent as I would like.

Tigger is Innocent! Accusers Losers!

I can’t believe that Tigger’s innocence is in question! The video clearly shows that the kid is pulling Tigger off balance. It is also not a punch! It is just a slap, not very hard,  and it doesn’t even look intentional. The father, Jerry Monaco, even said that at first he thought his son had done something. Why would he say that? His son must do things like this and he suspected him. Jerry Monaco, Sr. and Jerry Monaco, Jr. are my losers of the week!

Disneyland in Malaysia?


Apparently a company called UEM World Bhd has been talking to The Walt Disney Company about the possibility of building a Disney park in Johor, Malaysia. Please, please, no. The Walt Disney Company needs to focus on the parks they have now. Many attractions have closed at Walt Disney World and they have not been replaced. I think building more and more Disney Theme Parks softens the magic and makes each of the previous parks a little less special. Would you want a copy of the Louvre in every City? Or how about Big Ben? I think it was a mistake to ever build a park outside The United States. Mickey Mouse is American as Apple Pie. Sure…we can share him, but I think he should spend more time at home!

Disneyland 2006 Day One

We made it! It was a long flight out here. I think I am getting too old for long air travel. There is just no room in the seats and they are so uncomfortable. We went to Rainforest Cafe for dinner and it was delicious. We tried the new Tower of Terror at California Adventure and really liked it. It is different from Walt Disney World’s but is really fun. We also got a chance to try the new Space Mountain. I like the special effects that they have added, as well as the new soundtrack, but the ride is more fun at Walt Disney World. We gotta hit the hay as we are jet lagged and exhausted. More tomorrow.