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Twitter, Facebook, Blog?

I haven’t written an official blog post in so long. I am now posting on Facebook and Twitter and forget that I started out with a blog! I wish there was one way to post and it would go out everywhere. I have been using and that sort of works for me. I just have trouble deciding what should go where. I like twitter as it seems more interactive, but the 140 character limit is limiting! My friends at twitter seem to respond more than those on facebook or the blog. The blog is great when I just can’t be brief! I like all the formats but it is getting to be too much to keep at them all. I really don’t know why I need to update everything about me… it really is an addiction. I do like seeing what my friends are doing and Twitter is my blog of choice for now.

My Blog Theme

I have tried various new blog themes and have returned to the old standby. I love the new wordpress widget themes, but my old gal was not wigitized. I can now say that she is! It took a bit of research, but I was able to update it. Now it is much easier to change my sidebar information whenever I want! If some new theme comes out that has everything I want and it works I might switch. So far, I haven’t found it yet.

Great Blogging Book

I am reading a great book on blogging called Who Let the Blogs Out? by Biz Stone. It answers a lot of questions about the history of blogging and it is a must reference for anyone who blogs or is just getting started. What I find interesting is that his blog is so simple and isn’t put together well. There is little information about him, no contact information, no comments allowed, and if you leave his front page there is no easy way to get back to the top! I expected much more from him after reading his book. You can read his blog here.


I am starting to like WordPress now. I have the page the way I like it and am learning a lot. It took forever to get Flickr to validate in the sidebar. I am not totally happy with the way it looks, but it is on it’s way! Now I am trying to find out how to add selected items from It will take me a while to figure that out!