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Rita Cordeiro October 8, 1935 – April 11, 2015

May 13, 2012-249MothersDay2012


It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that my dear mother-in law, my other mother, Rita Ouellette Cordeiro, passed away peacefully today. Words cannot express how deeply loved this woman was. She had touched so many lives and has spread her love so greatly for everyone. She raised 4 amazing children with her equally wonderful husband, Manny, and blessed the lives of her dear sister, as well as countless other friends and family. May the absolute, unconditional love, that she so graciously shared so freely, continue to shine on in all of us… for generations to come!

Happy 51 Years to Me?


Today is my 51st birthday. Time to celebrate! 51! I really can’t believe it. I was the baby of the family, but I guess every baby grows up… if given the chance. I have had an amazing 51 years full of so many tragic and joyful events. The highs have been astronomical, and the lows, below the below. As I contemplate over the years on this day, I realize something about birthdays as we get older, they may not be as joyous as everyone thinks. I know, you are thinking it is tough to get old, and it really is an accomplishment that we actually survive another year. I am not  feeling sorry for myself that I am old, but something completely different. I realize today how many people who used to be around to celebrate my fantastic birth, are no longer having birthdays of their own. That is what is not so much fun. Yes, I am still here, and thankful for that, but I can’t help missing the two people who brought me into this world, my mother and father. In fact, when I really think about it, my birthday was probably much more important to them than I can ever imagine it will be to me. Today, 51 years ago, my parents welcomed a new member to the family. How intense that day must have been for them. A day that I actually have no recollection of, but I am supposed to remember to have a good time on its annual anniversary! All this time, I had birthdays wrong. It really isn’t about me getting another year older and how wonderful that is, it is about remembering an event where I changed a family, by expanding it. Now that both my parents, my only two brothers, as well as  grandparents, and many aunts and uncles are gone,  who I remember used to be a part of this “celebration,” birthdays just aren’t the same. Everyone who remembers my birth is not here. Woohoo …let’s eat cake! Somehow, I really am not that hungry.

Goodbye Mickey Rooney

With the passing of Mickey Rooney, I reflect on all the joy he has given me in my life. When I was in grade school, I was always falling asleep in class because I stayed up late watching Mickey and Judy Garland light up my small tv. The Great Entertainment, hosted by local Boston personality (and Bozo the Clown), Frank Avruch, would introduce great musicals from the MGM vault, many featuring Mickey Rooney. These stars of yesterday, were my pop stars that I grew up with, even though they were on the scene decades before I even became a glimmer. While others were talking about the latest episode of the Brady Bunch, I was enjoying the adventures of “Andy Hardy!” I am forever grateful to the stars of yesteryear, such as Mickey Rooney, although my grades in school certainly were not!