Please Delay Departure by Betty Ann Fisher

Please Delay Departure

I thank the Lord for every day
That I am here on earth, and pray
He wont decide to let me go
Before I see the Autumn glow.

And after that I pray again
That I can stay around for when
The earth is blanketed in white
And then to see each starry night.

He knows I ‘ll ask for one more thing
That I’ll be here to see the Spring
To greet each morning bright and new
And then, of course, there’s Summer too.

When warm winds whisper in the trees
And flowers are a-hum with bees
I’ll want to hear the church bells chime
Oh yes, I like the summer time.

I wonder if He’ll think it fair
If I send up another pray’r
That after I have romped in clover
I’ll still be here when Summer’s over.

I’d like to witness, Autumn’s show
And then I really love the snow
And then Spring sunlight on my cheek
It’s just Eternal life I seek.

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