Nursing School Ends

Well, I haven’t written on the blog here in such a long time. I have been completely taken over by facebook and twitter! I had to create an entry though for my completion of nursing school that ended with my final on Thursday. It has been a long road since I decided to go back to school in April of 2007! I really can’t believe that it is finally over. One of the greatest things that happened that I didn’t expect was making such wonderful friends along the way. Usually I am sort of a studious loner when I am school, but nursing ┬áis such a bonding experience! It really has been great to have such wonderful people travel along with me on this journey. It has been a tough road with Mom aging and trying to attend classes while she has gone in and out of the hospital. It was also difficult plugging through school when my brother killed himself earlier this year. Somehow though I managed to muddle through. I really hope that I can be a good nurse and make a difference in people’s lives. Now it is time to think of a job, and then of course…graduate school!

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