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  1. Scott Fisher, this is John Downing. My daughter Courtney really wants to meet you. Courtney is going of to college in two weeks. She will be studying pre-law she wants to become a Supreme Court Justice, you know whats weird she probably will, she is that driven! My Dad past away May 31 2009 I did go out east but I held his hand and prayed I was holding his hand when he died. I did not get much of a chance to visit that time out hopefully the next time. Theresa and I have been married 20 years this past June 10 2009. Ashley and Meagan are both swimming for USA swim Great Wolf MN. Swim and Anoka High swim teams. They both hope to letter this year not bad for a 8th and 9th grade students they have both been in high school athletics since the 7th grade pretty cool stuff. Meagan is going into nursing she will have her LPN by the time she is a senior in high school and her RN two years later she is on the fast track in her education. Ashley hopes to become a multimillion dollar CEO of the global monetary fund, yes that's right Ashley wants to own the world. Mathew Fox got his masters in Accounting Business Admin. Jenny-may Cronin got her masters in nursing. Mariah Write is going to be a neurologist in nine more months yes a PHD before she is legal to drink Mariah got threw high school in two years college in two years and her PHD in three years no fast track there as she is with people that are as smart as she is but not as young “O” she is the smartest in her class. Theresa runs a group home for men with schizophrenia. I am working on a classified project for the Department of Defense part time.
    It looks like your still in school are you working on you 3rd or fourth PHD?

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