Got the Job!

Today I was informed that I got the job at the Apple store. I am going to be a Concierge, directing visitors to the correct resources of the store.. I was up for either Specialist(sales person), or the Concierge role. I still hope that I get to show and play with the latest Apple products as a Concierge. I won’t be writing about my work here on the blog as I am told that Apple has a tight lipped policy, but I am excited to start working outside the home again!


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  1. Congratulations on the job and thanks for the photo credit. My Technorati rankings thank you 😉 By the way, this was taken with my Sprint Rumor phone, which surprisingly takes decent photos and can connect to your Mac (w/ data cable or through a card reader that supports microSD). iPhoto treats it like a camera natively.


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