Down For The Count!

I haven’t written, because I haven’t been feeling very well lately. It all started with what I though was an ingrown hair on my upper arm. Within a day, the redness it grew to much larger proportions. Over the weekend my lymph nodes in my armpit became swollen, my shoulder went into spasm, and I developed a fever. I was off to the emergency room. They diagnosed it as cellulitis and put my on two antibiotics. If I don’t respond after a few days I have to contact them. It is possible that the bacteria causing it is the deadly MRSA virus, and I will have to take a special antibiotic. It is so weird. I always seem to get the most uncommon of illnesses, just when I was doing so well after my weight loss surgery.

2 thoughts on “Down For The Count!”

  1. I was scanning your RSS feed taking in news of your malady when my eye caught what I briefly thought was a picture – a bright red intestiney-looking mass surrounded by red pustules – OHMYGAWDTHATLOOKSAWFUL!

    Oh, wait, it is the Kellog breakfast pastry from your previous post – nevermind.

    Trust you to not get a summer cold but something different, dramatic, and interesting. Hope you feel better soon.

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