29 lbs in Three Weeks!

I feel like an ad for the weight loss you see posted on telephone poles! It has been three weeks since my gastric bypass surgery and I seem to be doing well. I am not hungry at all and I am eating small meals throughout the day. I am on the soft food stage and it seems that I can tolerate most foods fairly well as long as I eat slowly and chew them thoroughly. I am finding it hard that I really can only fit in the protein at a meal. I know how important after gastric bypass surgery it is to get in 60 to 70 grams of protein, but protein does get boring after a while. I know that I will fit more in later in the diet, but I have no delay of gratification! I admit that I have tried a few crackers now and then and a bit of toasted tortilla and that really satisfied me. I made sure to chew, chew, chew and they went down fine. My energy seems to come and go but I guess that is normal considering the limited amount of calories that I am consuming. I haven’t been on a scheduled exercise plan yet, but I am increasing my distance while walking whenever I can. I would like to go to the gym this week and get back to the arc trainer. I am interested to see how long I can last. I was up to 45 minutes before the surgery and I think I will have to build up to that again. I am in no pain and my incisions are healing well. I had a meeting with Dr. Lautz’s office for my first post surgical follow up and was given the go ahead to take my medications in pill form as long as they were no bigger than my pinkie fingernail. This was great news as I hated crushing pills and chewing chaulky ones! They also let me switch from chewable Pepcid back to my Prilosec in pill form. Pepcid never really worked for me before surgery with heartburn, but Prilosec always did the trick! I didn’t meet with Dr. Lautz at the appointment, but did see him in the hallway and shook his hand. He asked how I was doing and I told him great!

Current Weight: 231 lbs Weight Loss This Week: 2lbs Total Weight Loss So Far: 29 lbs

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  1. hi ya habdsome! you look great! I hope everything is going well with school and HUGE HUGS to Mikeyyyyyyyyy & Betty BOO…..LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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