5 thoughts on “Gastric Bypass Surgery on Monday!”

  1. HI Scott
    You know that you will be in our prayers on Monday. We love you and want you to get better quickly. If there is anything that you need or that we can do just call,
    L Rita and Manny

  2. I finally found the website to read your updates. (I was getting worried about you!) So sorry that you have had some complications; sounds like you are on the mend now. I know that Dr. Lautz can fix whatever's wrong — he is expert at this stuff. Hang in there – this too will pass, — in three months you will be so thrilled with your improved health, energy, slim silhouette, etc., — it will be worth it. The surgery will be a distant unpleasant memory. I am still sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Hope you get home soon!
    Anne-Marie (rockysmom)

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