Carrie and Mr. Big

SPOILER**** Am I the only one on the planet who didn’t want Carrie and Mr. Big to marry finally in the Sex and the City movie? He is always so off and on again and I just think he will be off on her in the future. I am all about forgiveness but leaving her at the alter was just too much for me to take and I don’t think I could ever forgive him. I really think she could do much better, but I guess we always need a predictable happy ending. Oh well, write me hate mail.

6 thoughts on “Carrie and Mr. Big”

  1. No, you are most definitely not the only person who thought this. Mr. Big is a total jerk and did not offer a genuine explanation or apology to Carrie for why he left her. I totally did not want them to be together. Now Carrie will be the new Natasha: thrown to the curb when something better comes along. The movie was a TOTAL disappointment, and I love Sex and the City and expected to like the movie.

  2. Well I don’t think Nastha is the next Carrie. They don’t have anything in common. Frankly Big was a jerk for what he did to Carrie before going to Paris. Noting the fact that he come back early, I thought they would end up together at that point. But he got Nastha

  3. I liked the movie, but I wish I wouldn’t have “known” how it ended. I don’t think they should have gotten married. I didn’t realize how happy I was with how the last show ended.. I wish I could have just left my “Carrie & Big” dreams just as they were…. not knowing where they were headed was much better for me….

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