Final Preop Meeting

Today I had my final preop meeting with Dr. Lautz. I had to wait an
hour and a half before being seen, but it went well. Basically they
went over my records and I signed a consent form.  As I was leaving
the receptionist told me that she was moving my surgery to the 23rd
instead of the 16th. This gives me only two weeks to recover before I
go to take my summer microbiology class. It bums me out a bit, but at
least I won’t have to be on the preop diet while I am in Walt Disney
World next week. After the meeting with the Doctor I had preop blood
work and met with a nurse and the anesthesiologist. My appointment was
at 12, but I didn’t get in till about 2 PM. Now there is nothing more
to do but wait.

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