American Idol Is Clearly Not A Vocal Competition!

David Cook wins? The man does not really sing at all. It is clearly a popularity contest and not a vocal competition. David Archuletta completely out sung Cook on Tuesday nites performance. Cook is probably the weakest rocker AI has ever had, although it is tough to beat Constantine Maroulis who has had that title for many years. I look forward to Archuletta’s collection of balads that I am sure will be produced within the year. I predict Cook will fade into obscurity like so many.

5 thoughts on “American Idol Is Clearly Not A Vocal Competition!”

  1. I totally agree. Even though he seems like a great guy, Cooks voice is raspy. Not that it’s a bad thing, but he doesn’t support his voice, which is a very bad thing. If he doesn’t learn to support, he’ll loose his voice in about 4 years…maybe even sooner (especially with how much he’ll be singing this year).
    I’ll be waiting for Archulettas CD as well. I’m still waiting for Melinda Doolittles CD… she’s the best performer Idol has ever seen…hands down!

  2. Honestly I do agreed that David Archuletta is a better singer, but American Idol is a popularity contest decided by the voters in US, but like Clay Aiken he is a great singer but really depends on how you packaged them. And I noticed that American love rockers and rappers rather than ballad singers, so hopefully David A will not have an album full of love ballads as that will be boring.
    I will definitely buy both David’s Debut album when they come out.

  3. You are a bitter old theater person. Its not just about the VOICE. Its about “AMERICAN IDOL” Archy couldn’t keep his eyes open if his life depended on it. He couldn’t dance, he could sing, and he has a good voice, but do we need a Mormon Tabernacle quire boy? I think not. He can sing in his church, I’ll buy a CD from David Cook, not from Archy.

    To fix the situation, then we should NOT see the person till the very end. How many were voted off because of their looks. So jump off you high holy theater trained voice and get with the 12,000,000 of us who voted for DC.

  4. Um, Cook WON by 12 million. He had considerably more vote for him. 🙂

    Archuleta seems like a nice kid with an unfortunate family situation and I wish him luck, he’s sooooo not American Idol material though. His voice was like nails on a chalkboard, and any fan of his has no ground to stand on claiming Cook sounds “raspy.” Go listen to “Music of the Night” again. Perfection.

  5. I will agree with you that Cook is more american pop idol, but I must seriously disagree with you on who has the better voice. Cook’s music of the night showed that he did have some pipes, but it was subpar version of of the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic. Do yourself a favor and see Phantom of the Opera when it comes to your town. No matter who is playing the lead, I promise you they will blow cook out of the water.

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