Calpernia Addams

OK, I admit it. I am fascinated by Logo’s Transamerican Love Story and Calpernia Addams! I first heard of Calpernia when I saw the excellent movie, Soldier’s Girl. Soldier’s Girl is the tragic true story of Private Barry Winchell who was murdered by his fellow soldiers when they found out he was dating a transgendered woman. Now, the real Calpernia is starring in her own dating show reminiscent of The Bachelor. Eight suitors vie for her affection, including a female to male transgender! The men are ruthless to one another in their competition for Calpernia’s attention. I found myself not liking any of them, and not one of them worthy. I truly hope that Ms. Addams finds a true love one day. She really comes across no different than any of us, and deserves the happiness we all seek.

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