Upper GI and The Nutritionist

Today I had to have and upper gi and also meet with the nutritionist
for the first time. Dr. Lautz wanted to rule out whether I have a
hiatal hernia since I have gastric reflux. I had one back in the
90’s and it was negative, but he wanted to make sure.  The Upper Gi was
much easier than I remembered. I drank a lot more barium when I had
this first done. This time it was only 1 bottle and I think I had 3
last time! It isn’t the greatest tasting stuff, but it is a painless

Next I met with the nutritionist, Linda Antoniro. She wanted to know
what a typical day of eating was like for me. The majority of the
meeting was about what my preop diet should be, and what it will be
after the surgery. Since was on a liquid diet in 1996, I kind of know
what to expect. I will only be on all liquids for two weeks after the
surgery which seems doable. I don’t have any other meetings until I
meet with Dr Lautz and the anesthesiologist on May 29th. The journey

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