The Decision

I am scheduled for gastric bypass surgery for Jun 16th. I have done much research and have talked to some of the best doctors at Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston. All of them think I would be a great candidate and said they would do it themselves if they had the health problems that I am now facing. I don’t think I would even consider this if I did not have the diabetes, but the chance to eliminate it through surgery has sealed the deal. I would like to lose 20 lbs before the surgery and I have begun exercising every day. The better shape I am in before the quicker recovery I should have. If you would like more information on the procedure itself I strongly recommend reading Gastrointestinal Surgery for Severe Obesity at the National Institutes of Health.

2 thoughts on “The Decision”

  1. Congrats on your decision!

    I’ve been lurking on your site for a while and can’t wait to hear about your results.

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