Bionic Woman Again

Tonight I watched another episode of NBC’s Bionic Woman and a few things are still really bothering me about this show. Firstly, I am really sick of the camera work, especially during the fight scenes. It is so jerky and nauseating! Must they make me sick every time Jaime gets in a fight? This brings me to the second thing that bothers me. Why do we have to have all these extended martial arts fight scenes? Producers! She is bionic. She can take out an enemy with one hand! Enough with all the kicking and punching! Each fight scene is presented as if she is going to be overpowered or something. It is ridiculous that we have to have these extended fight scenes. And finally, let Isaiah Washington’s contract go. At this point, it is not even for the reason that he is a lying, homophobe. He is an awful actor that brings nothing to the show. He mumbles most of his lines, and has created a character that is not needed and is very unappealing. In tonights episode we added a love interest for Jaime, the CIA agent. Not only is he pleasant to look at, but they have a nice chemistry together. Have him join up with our gal and get rid of our boy Isaiah. You just might have the makings of a show.

Michelle Ryan as The Bionic Woman

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