Bye Bye Summer

Leaves have begun to fall all over my yard. Oh, how I hate that! I am really happy just two months of the year… July and August. That gives me 10 months of weather that I don’t like. My roots are here, but my weather happiness lies in another climate. When I lived in California I loved the weather there, but I didn’t like the traffic or the cost of living. I enjoy Florida, but the humidity is a killer and Florida is not as gay friendly as Massachusetts. Still, I would rather be hot than cold. For now, I am here taking care of my Mom… which is fine. I wonder if we will ever move in the future. It  would be hard to be away from our friends and family. As we get older it seems we get attached to what we know. The thought of changing doctors, dentists, and health insurance does not sound fun and will probably get more unappealing as we grow deeper into our middle ages. I think however that sunshime will be a big motivator for me in the future. Time will tell.

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