Bionic Woman

My favorite show as a child was The Bionic Woman starring Lindsay Wagner. The new fall season brings us a new incarnation simply called, Bionic Woman. So far I would say it is not an instant hit. I like the new lead, Michelle Ryan enough, but the rest of the cast leaves me pretty cold. I can’t believe that they added the lying homophobe, Isaiah Washington,as Antonio Pope to the cast. He gets a new series for being a jerk on another? There are far more actor’s available and willing to work  than rewarding this moron. I would also like to to comment on Miguel Ferrer‘s one note performance. He plays Jaime’s Sommer’s boss, Jonas Bledsoe. His performance is emotionless and totally unlikeable so far. Why would anyone work for him. The characters Jae Kim and Ruth are also, in my opinion totally unappealing. Katee Sackhoff who plays the first bionic woman, Sarah Corvus, does add a nice spark to an otherwise dull cast. One of the nice touches of the original series was how compassionate the original Jaime Sommers was. You really cheered for her at her triumphs and felt sad for her when she sometimes just wanted to be a regular gal and not work for a super secret agency and have a normal life… with regular body limbs. I would also like to mention how sick I am of the camera work on this show, as well as many others these days. It is just downright shaky! I think I first noticed this on NYPD Blue and now everyone does it. It is not so special anymore and I never liked it to begin with. The great cinematographers of the past new how to shoot a scene with a locked down camera. No amount of shaking can fix a boring scene.  It doesn’t add anything to the scene other than to make me nauseous!

I wish that the powers that be got together and released the original series on DVD. That would be something to really watch. My rating on the new Bionic Woman? C-

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