Signed up for the Nursing Program

Yesterday, I got to finally enroll in the Quincy College Nursing program. It is very strange how you actually get in. Basically you show up at 8 am with all your transcripts in hand and pay an application fee. There was a line at 8 AM and I was number 15. I will be accepted for the part-time class which begins in January 2009! It will take me 2 1/2 years from then. I wish that I could attend a bachelor’s program instead of the associates, but there are no part-time programs in Massachusetts. After I have my R.N. there are online courses I can take for a B.S.N. Guess I will be in school forever! I am excited about what the future will bring. I think I will make a good nurse. It isn’t my first choice of a career, but I really like to eat and make a regular salary. I don’t think I want the fast pace of medical surgical or E.R, but working in a clinic of some kind sounds appealing. Time will tell.

3 thoughts on “Signed up for the Nursing Program”

  1. HI Scott
    Congratulations on your acceptance into nursing. I for one knows that you will make an excellent nurse. Too bad you can’t start sooner. How wonderful for the patients under your care. Good luck.
    L Rita

  2. I attended Quincy College and found it riddled with problems from day one!!!! They were consistantly short clinical instructors and quite often instructors showed up late, left early (alot), or were absent all together. I would think twice if I were you!!! Brockton Hospital School of Nursing has a part time program, as well as Lawrence memorial hospital / regis College collabrative they are in Medford (I think). Laboure’College I beleive also offers part time. Massasoit just started a part time program. There are more choices out there than you realize

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