Reality TV Stars

I am really tired of people I can’t stand winning reality shows. I guess it goes all the way back to Richard Hatch on the first Survivor. What an obnoxious jerk. Thankfully he got his comeuppance when he decided he didn’t need to pay his taxes like everyone else, and was sent to prison. And who can forget the obnoxious Rob and Amber from Survivor, and later The Amazing Race

I have been watching CBS’s Big Brother since it started several years ago. They have had their share or winning losers. There was the lying, scheming Dr. Will, as well as year’s disgusting, on camera masturbating, Mike “Boogie” Malin. There are two finalists in this year’s season of Big Brother that are obnoxious and have a good shot at winning. The are a father/daughter team known as Dick and Danielle Donato. Danielle is a smug, prima donna and her father is a washed up, gross, arrogant, disgusting pig. If either of them win the game, I may seriously consider not tuning in next year. I am sick and tired of bad behavior being rewarded. Just once, I would like the nice guy to finish first

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