School Books

Today I drove to Quincy College to pick up my school books for the Fall semester. I guess I should have called first. I drove all the way in there and the books are not in stock yet. What a waste of a beautiful afternoon. At least I got to try the back way to the college. It will come in handy when traffic is bad…which is almost always these days on route 128! I am taking a course in computer web design. I needed a computer elective, and the school’s Intro to Computers course sounded too easy for me. I hope I am not over my head with this course, though. Of course anything will be a piece of cake, compared to chemistry last semester! I know, many of you are waiting for the chemistry book burning video I promised. I just couldn’t burn such an expensive book, so I sold it on Sorry about that. At least it is out of my sight for good! I hope this nice weather continues!

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