The Computer Room

 The last several days Mike and I have been doing over the computer room. All the gadgets I have require a large amount of desk real estate, and I sorely needed more. Not to mention that the room really needed a good cleaning. I don’t know what it is, but electronics really do attract an awful amount of dust! It was so thick!  We spent two days looking around trying to find a desk large enough to fulfill my needs. We were having a terrible time. Everything was too small, too cheaply made, or too expensive. I called our friend Billy in California to see what he suggested. He and his partner Andy own a home business and use a lot of computers and desks. Billy recommended we try IKEA.  We hit the jackpot there! We bought this great kit that allows you to make the desk any size you want. We attached two corner desk tables and now have a desk/table for the whole side wall! It is a thing of beauty! I have a great office! Now there is no excuse for me to sell I have been meaning to on eBay.

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