I haven’t written for a while as this has been a tough week for me. I recently learned that I have diabetes. I went for a yearly physical and my doctor discovered it during a routine blood test. I really am rather bummed. I know that being overweight is a risk factor, but I though I had other factors in my favor. Neither of my parents have it, nor does my brother. I have been pretty good with exercise since my early twenties. I also eat a large amount of vegetables and fruits. I don’t drink, smoke, or take drugs. My only vice is food! I am going to have to seriously watch my carbohydrate intake. It is such a pain! It is not just sugary foods and junk, but good foods that have helped me diet in the past… such as potatoes, bananas, corn, and carrots. This really stinks and I can say I am not taking it very well. I hate being 43 and having a chronic condition already. I have spent a good time of my life worrying about other people’s health and now I must worry about mine. And why food? It is one of my most pleasurable experiences. Gone are my days of food filled orgies! And I haven’t even been on a cruise yet! Seriously, I am not happy! In some respects it is a big wake up call to eat  healthfully all the time, but I really could do without having to worry about anything else in my life. I promise to be more positive in the future, but this has been a major blow to my psyche.

3 thoughts on “Diabetes”

  1. Hi Scott
    It’s going to be o.k. You know what you have to do and you have so many peoplse who love you and are there for you. I’ll get stuff that you can have.
    L Rita

  2. I just read your news — after I wrote and asked, “What’s new?” I’m sorry to hear this news, but, ditto what Rita said. ANYTIME you want someone to walk with, I’m here. I go a lot, and it’d be great to have someone to go with. Call me. Love, Karen

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