Braces Be Gone!

This morning I finally got my braces off of my lower teeth! It is so nice being able to rub my tongue over my bottom teeth without catching a brace! I had the braces put on in April of 2006. In 2005, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and was fitted with a CPAP machine. I used to sleep with my mouth open, but while using the machine I have to keep my mouth closed. I found that my massive tongue(I’m not bragging) had pushed my bottom teeth in front of my top teeth! The sleep apnea treatment ended up screwing up my bite and it was back to the orthodontist! I tell you I am a pretty sight to see at bedtime now. I wear a retainer on my top teeth, a new retainer on my lower teeth, and the sleep apnea mask. Kiss Me!

One thought on “Braces Be Gone!”

  1. I want to come out with a line of decorative CPAP masks.

    Mardi Gras theme with glitter, beads, & feathers. A shiny black “Darth Vader” SciFi model with extra respirator sounds. A plushie line of Pooh Bears & fuzzy chicken masks. And for you, Scott, a Mickey Mouse one complete with nose & big round ears (soft).

    No more scaring the tricks, just put on your Apnea Pal Mask (c)!

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