My Dieting Talk

Today I was asked by my HMR dieting program to give a little talk! It really is quite funny since I have gained all the weight that I have lost in the program. I do think I still get something out of the classes though. It keeps me accountable and I probably would be a lot heavier if I didn’t attend the weekly meetings. I think I am more likely to eat fruits and vegetables and to exercise my body because of the program. One of the great things HMR has taught me has been to keep a record of my food and exercise. When I actually do it… I lose weight! Now, if I could only get on track and actually do it! I have been procrastinating for years!

One thought on “My Dieting Talk”

  1. Hi Scott
    Good luck with your chemistry test. I have confidence in you.

    I’m sure your talk on dieting was informative Scott and will help others to stay on track with their plans. You are special and you can do it.
    L Mom

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