iPhone Trouble!

I was at a party on the 4th when I took out my phone to show some friends when I noticed what looked like a thread sticking on the edge of the screen. I gave it a tug and a tiny rubber gasket came off from around the perimeter of the screen! Yikes! I had been very careful with it, and don’t know how it became dislodged. I went to my Apple Store today and luckily they had another phone in stock and they exchanged it for my old one. The Tech at the Genius Bar switched my sim card and iTunes switched to my new phone without a hitch! All of my settings and uploads reloaded. It was quite painless. I purchased a black Incase protective cover while I was at the store. The cover wraps around the iPhone and just covers the edges of the screen. Hopefully it will keep in place any gaskets that decide to surface!

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