Chemistry and Anatomy

I haven’t written because I have been swamped with Chemistry and Anatomy & Physiology studies!  I have decided to go to Quincy College for my Nursing degree.  I need these two courses to be admitted to their Nursing program. I am taking them online through a Seward Community College in Kansas!  There is so much work and there is an exam every 5 days. To say I am overwhelmed would be an understatement! I used to be an “A” student, but given the amount of material I am covering, that goal seems completely out of reach! I think I am going to have a problem getting the “C” I need for admission! Why I decided to take two courses at once is beyond me. A&P is accelerated and will take 7 weeks, while Chemistry is about 13 weeks. Well, I am off to the home Chemistry Lab… where can I buy Lye in solid form?

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