Favorite Cookies

I have great memories of cookies I ate as a child. One of my all time favorites was called Gauchos by Burry Foods. It was an oGauchosatmeal cookie with a peanut butter filling. I have found that the Girl Scouts are putting out a cookie that is almost identical in look and taste.

Burry Foods must have had me in mind when they were baking, because I have fond memories of two of their other products, Scooter Pies and Fudge Town cookies. Scooter Pies were sort of two graham crackers sandwiched together with marshmallow and covered in very cheap chocolate.  Fudge Towns were chocolate cookies with a chocolate middle. I used to love pushing the chocolate out with my pinkie from the cookie’s center hole.

 Scooter PiesFudge Town







And so my weight gain began!

                       Now to find some Girls Scouts!

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