General Peter Pace is Loser of the Week

General Peter Pace says that gays shouldn’t be in the military because homosexuality is immoral. How is that a valid argument? What happened to separation of church and state? Has he forgotten that gays are risking their lives each and every day in the military?

General Peter Pace is our Loser of the Week.

Peter Pace Loser of the Week

6 thoughts on “General Peter Pace is Loser of the Week”

  1. Well, he spoke his mind about his beliefs and in
    America, that is a Cardinal SIN !! Oh, that’s regardless of your position in this world or in America. While Homosexuals have died for America, I’m sure General Pace was more concerned with the overall affect they have on our forces not just from a moral standpoint. I’m admire him for his ‘STAND-UP’ attitude, honesty and overall
    integrity as a Marine Officer !!

    C.B. Sawyer
    “C” 1/9 USMC Vietanm 1967

  2. No one has taken his right to say it, but we are all judged by what we say and do, this is not a new concept in America or anywhere else.

    There is plenty of research, should you care to look it up, that shows that having gay people in the military DOES NOT affect moral. And calling homosexuality “immoral” is a biased religious based judgement that has no place in the government. Not to mention that again it is against all reality based research. Gays are no more or less moral than their heterosexual counterparts. But more importantly it is a definite slap to all the young men and women who have died and those that continue to serve for this great country, who just happen to be gay or lesbian.

  3. General Peter Pace is right.Who cares these things?Their life is nothing…I think Winner of the AGES

  4. disneybear can say all he/she wants about reality based research, moral or immoral. Man wasn’t designed physiologically to mate with another male, nor a female with another female. You and your “logic” are going against the evolutionary grain.

  5. Love is not a function of evolution and does not exist in evolution. What motivates a man is far different than what motivates a lower animal. By your logic, marriage shouldn’t exist at all and men should spread their seed however and wherever they want and… only for procreation. The facts are that same sex behaviour exists in thousands of animal species. Read Biological Exuberance by noted biologist, Bruce Bagemihl. Many gay people have chosen to mate with a man or women, but fall in love their same sex. The information is out there if you seek it.

  6. You're wrong on the interpretation of Gen. Pace's remarks. He declared homosexual acts just as immoral as those of people who have straight extramarital affairs. He also stated that he will uphold whatever America determines to be right; however he stated his personal beliefs which every American is entitled to….especially a man who has done what he has.

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