My CompUSA Store is Closing!

I am in mourning. CompUSA is closing 6 of it’s 7 Massachusetts stores. The only store left is far from me. While their prices weren’t always that great, I have spent many hours looking for the next gadget or accessory at CompUSA stores near me. I love BestBuy, but they don’t always have that cable or hard drive that you just have to have today. This truly is horrible news for someone who suffers from absolutely no delay in gratification! Where am I to shop now in Massachusetts? I guess I will be paying for overnight shipping from Newegg!

3 thoughts on “My CompUSA Store is Closing!”

  1. Yes, and with the “sales” CompUSA prices are only ridiculous, not obscene. The truth is CompUSA was only good for browsing or emergency situations, never for shopping. At CompUSA a FireWire cable for $4o while two blocks away at Target the same, along with two adapters, for $16.

    Also at Target/BestBuy/Walmart/Circuit City I don’t expect the clerks to have a clue, at CompUSA they pretended to. The number of bizarre, inaccurate, heck flat-out-wrong (not to mention occasionally actively deceptive) statements I’ve heard from CompUSA drones is extraordinary. I wouldn’t trust ‘em for the day of the week.

    Anyway, for local purchases there’s still MicroCenter over in Cambridge. They’ve got the decent deal every so often and their staff is about 10% cluefull. For non-immediate purchases I rely on, which keeps me up on NewEgg & other’s deals.

    ps for those looking for closeout deals at CompUSA don’t hope for much. The closing stores were sold to a liquidator the day they were announced and the liquidator plans is to sell their contents as lots in a few weeks. Right now they’re just taking advantage of the public interest to move some still overpriced merchandise.

  2. I just liked the fact that I could look the latest stuff up close. I do like MicroCenter, but it is too far away and hard to get to when you need something more than just a cable.

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