2 thoughts on “Fox News… The Real Spin Zone”

  1. As I’ve always said, “if you have to tell me you’re fair and balanced…you’re not!” Fox news gets me so mad I can’t even watch it without having one of those foam bricks to throw at the T.V. The people that buy into it are at least one of three things: 1. brainwashed, 2. greedy rich people, 3. stupid Evangelical Christians. (I guess I could have left off the “stupid” part, that should be understood) They actually believe dinosaurs never existed and the Earth is about 4,000 years old…idiots! Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. Have a great day :mrgreen:

  2. Dinosaurs never existed?!

    Everything that I was taught has been shattered!

    Amie Semple

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