It’s A Small World After All

This morning a message was left on my answering machine… “Hi, this is Nick Theodorou, I haven’t talked to you in 29 years, I tracked you down. I hope I got the right person”.  Wow! This was a blast from my past I thought, as I listened to the message. Nick and I were friends in junior high and early high school. He was a happy, go lucky kid and we had a lot of fun when we were young. I called him later today to see how he was doing. It was really weird talking to a person you haven’t spoken with in almost 30 years. He is married, has a bunch of kids in college, was drafted into the army in Greece, and he has owned several businesses. I feel so old from when we used to play with his electric racing car set and watch Speed Racer in the afternoon at his childhood home. He said he found me by googling his name and found an entry I wrote about him on this blog! It really is a small world.

Nick with my Mother

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