Where Is The Katharine McPhee We Love?


     I had been looking forward to Katharine McPhee’s album for months now. On American Idol her voice gave me goose bumps! She has a wonderful, tender voice, and it is coupled with a real talent for touching your heart. That Katharine, is no where to be found on her debut album. With the exception of just one song, Ordinary World, the rest of the album sounds like all of the overmixed, emotionless, beat driven music that comes out of the industry today. We love Katharine McPhee for her voice and personality. Sadly, they are no where to be found. However, Ordinary World… Goose Bumps!

2 thoughts on “Where Is The Katharine McPhee We Love?”

  1. I have to disagree with your view. Katharine’s voice shines on songs such as “Better Off Alone”, “Home”, “Neglected” and “Love Story”. I suggest you give these songs another listen or two.

  2. Agree with Frank…Katharine’s emotions are overflowing on all the songs he’s mentioned and another side of her is shown with this cd. I think if she made a Celine Dion type cd, people will say she’s just a copy cat and don’t have her own style. According to her, this is the type of cd she’s always wanted to make…r&b rhythm pop…good for her. Please listen to her cd again. Thank you for the opportunity to post.

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