We Are Back!

I think that this is the longest I have ever gone without writing in the blog in a long time! We got back home from Florida and I decided to completely change my computers and how I use them! Firstly, I decided to switch to a Mac Mini for my emails and web browsing. It has taken me a week to get everything the way I like it. I also installed Windows Vista on my main PC. What can I say? It really is a nice upgrade from Windows XP. My only gripe is that one of the main programs I use for video editing, Pinnacle Studio 10 is not going to be upgraded to Vista until March. I am gonna have to use iMovie on the Mac till then. I also took the time to upgrade my servers with bigger hard drives. I have quite a home network set up here now. You would think that I had a major business! Maybe one day!

Since we got back from Florida I have been suffering with an awful sinus infection and a bad back. This is the longest that I have ever had back trouble. I talked to my Mom’s therapist and she told me that my symptoms suggest a slipped disc! Great! I am doing conservative treatment to see if I can get myself back in shape before visiting the doctor. Time will tell.

We had a great time in Florida with our friends BIll and Andy. Poor Billy got the stomach virus while we were there so he stayed home a few days. It was great fun and wonderful to see those guys on this trip. They are true and wonderful friends.

Well that is all for now..to quote Dr Smith about his back…”Oh the pain, the pain”!

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