The Milk to Cereal Ratio

This morning I had a bowl of GOLEAN Crunch cereal for breakfast. I decided to use all the milk that was left in the jug for my cereal. There was too much for my bowl of cereal, but if I used the correct amount, there wouldn’t be enough left for anything else. My cereal looked like milk soup!  I ate all the cereal out of my bowl, but what was I to do with the cup and a half of milk left? Drink it? No! Throw it out! Oh God, No!  I decided to fill it up with cereal again! Why did I feel I had to use all of the milk? Why didn’t I just drink the milk that was left in the bowl. It is no wonder I struggle with my weight!

One thought on “The Milk to Cereal Ratio”

  1. Scott: I give you credit for even being able to eat any of that Go Lean cereal to begin with! Ugh! I am convinced that they made it taste so gross so that one eats less of it and THEREBY loses the weight!!!! Pour yourself a bowl of milk and slurp it up! DNB

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