Head Cold

My head is about to explode! The sinus pressure and watery eyes are making me crazy. Where is my Sudafed? Dear Mike went out and tried to buy me some remedies. He bought me Sudafed PE and the CVS brand of a decongestant. I read the box on the Sudafed PE…”Does not contain Pseudoephedrine”. What? How can you sell something called something that doesn’t contain that something? What’s next? Jiff Peanut Butter…”Does not contain peanuts?” Yes, I watch the news. I know that they have put products behind the counter that contain pseudoephedrine because I might decide to make crystal meth while I am coughing and wheezing, but this is ridiculous! Call it something else, because it sure does not work as well as the Sudafed I bought the last time. Somebody say “God Bless You” and please don’t touch your nose after reading this!

4 thoughts on “Head Cold”

  1. I’m with ya honey! Luckily I found a bottle of “Viri-Med” in the downstairs bathroom, I’m guessing it’s 15+ years old, but it’s chock full of buzzy head-clearing goodness. It’s still pharmacologically active; my head is clearing a bit and the oriental rugs aren’t any more psychedelic then usual.

    Send da Huzbear over if you need some hits, I’m willing to part with a few only for you (the meth labs will have to wait ‘til we’re both recovered before any remaining pills get offered up on Ebay ) 😉

    Be well, it’s time for my every-30-minutes sugar-free Ricolla cough-drops (lemon-mint this time) Then off to sleep another 20 hours.

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