Tigger is Innocent! Accusers Losers!

I can’t believe that Tigger’s innocence is in question! The video clearly shows that the kid is pulling Tigger off balance. It is also not a punch! It is just a slap, not very hard,  and it doesn’t even look intentional. The father, Jerry Monaco, even said that at first he thought his son had done something. Why would he say that? His son must do things like this and he suspected him. Jerry Monaco, Sr. and Jerry Monaco, Jr. are my losers of the week!

9 thoughts on “Tigger is Innocent! Accusers Losers!”

  1. I couldn’t agree more!!! All you have to do is look at this kid with his biker gloves, a chain hanging from his belt, and that t-shirt to tell that he is probably a punk. If you watch the video, you can see that the kid was doing something to Tiggers back…either pinching him, or more likely trying to pull his head off. Tigger wasn’t trying to hit him. It appears Tigger was going to grab the kids arm to stop whatever he was doing and the kids face just got in the way. You can also see the boys arm muscle flexed which wouldn’t happen with a “side hug” . You can also see the kid laughing even after he got hit. I will also add that this entire story is just ridiculous. It makes absolutely no sense for a Disney character to take a punch at a guest for no reason… and if it doesn’t make sense it probably isn’t true (that’s what Judge Judy says). We’re going to Disney in 2 weeks and I’m going to give Tigger a high five. Maybe Tigger will put me on his shoulders again. 🙂

  2. well… the latest is that the cast members union (or whatever they call it) is siding with Tigger. Apparently the kid was choking Tigger by pulling on the back of his costume. What a BRAT…he doesn’t deserve to go to Disney World on vacation. Maybe next year the family should go to Alcatraz.

  3. Tigger for the win. That kid should have been decked. If i go to disney again, im chillin with tigger, cuz hes the man. kids a dick and so is his dad.

  4. Totally agree! It looks like the kid may have been trying to unzip the costume. Also, the peripheral vision in the head would not have allowed tigger to even see the brat!

  5. I can’t believe this whiny kid. I’d like to found out where he lives so I can go punch him myself. Plus it doesn’t even look like tigger hit him that hard, he needs to man up.

  6. This kid is nothing but a punk for messing with Tigger. When it comes to him being on national tv his parents make him change his clothes, like he is some kids of good boy. If you want to write him a letter or his father all there information is in a police report located on local6.com…60 High Street , Greenville, NH 03048 603-878-6097. Tigger should never of been suspended. With all these accusations they just want money from Disney.

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