Donald Trump is Loser of the Week

Money does not give someone class! In response to Rosie O’Donnell stating reasons why “the Donald” isn’t the best “moral compass for 20-year-olds in America”, Trump strikes back loud and nasty! Trump had to hit every major network and take the time to call Rosie fat, untalented, and a loser…you name it! What a big baby! Donald Trump is my loser of the week…perhaps year!

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump is Loser of the Week”

  1. Donald Trump is certainly not the loser.
    Rose O’Donnel is the one who is no longer on T.V. because she is ignorant, fat, and quite ugly inside and out. Donald is successful in basically everything he does. He is a very classy man, my role model.

  2. Donald, why do You sign as Christopher? – hahahhahahahaahah it is the best joke I’ve ever seen !!!

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