Mitt Romney… The Rugged Sportsman?

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. I was flipping through the cable channels when I came across Governor Mitt Romney on ESPN’s Charlie Moore Show. Mitt and Charlie were kibitzing about fishing and then went water skiing. How I hate our Governor and his dumb ass grin. He is so obviously trying to show how he is just like the down home, middle Americans, he is courting to vote for him in the next presidential election. He has done that since the day he arrived here in Massachusetts. What bugs me is that he is so obvious about it, and comes across so insincere. Last week he was grandstanding against gay marriage. I truly believe that he really doesn’t stand for anything. All he wants is to be president… and he will pander to anyone who will listen. It’s disgusting. I think I just threw up again.  

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