Kevin Federline is Loser of the Week

Kevin Federline, Britney Spears estranged husband, is apparently threatening to sell a sex tape the couple made if he doesn’t receive millions of dollars in support payments and custody of their two children.

Mr. Federline also yelled out “Fuck Britney” and held up the finger while giving a recent concert in Virginia.

What a complete a-hole! This is the mother of his children! No matter what happened during their marriage, there is no excuse for this public display. I have no love for Britney Spears, but this guy is totally nuts. Bravo to Britney for making at least one good decision by dropping this zero! I so hope his new album is a complete bomb!

Kevin Federline is my Loser of the Week!

Kevin Federline

Kudos: Blogger News Network, TeenHollywood

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