Just in Time for Halloween…Jesus Camp

I just saw one of the scariest movies I have ever seen…Jesus Camp. This documentary was made at a camp for evangelical christian children in Missouri. I kept thinking of Hitler’s youth. These kids are being brainwashed and it was terrifying to watch these young minds soaking up “that old time religion” like a sponge. They were not encouraged to think, but were caught up in mass hysteria. If the leaders had told them to drink Koolaid and kill themselves for Jesus, I have no doubt in my mind that they would. I am totally convinced that evangelical christians are completely delusional and a danger to themselves and all of society. We should teach our children the best available evidence of everything that is out there. To reject science and replace it with religion is a dumbing down of the human mind and sends us back to the stone age. Anyone who believes all the answers to the questions of life are found only in the bible is just not operating at man’s evolved intelligence. People choose to switch off their brain in many different ways. Some people use drugs, some use food, some sex…and some people use Jesus. Teaching kids to blindly lay down their lives for Jesus has just as much validity as teaching them to die for Mohammed, or in my opinion, even the Tooth Fairy! I don’t want children dying for anyone! I really wish we would teach people to do things not for God, but for their fellow man. What we have here and now… is the only thing an intelligent person can be certain of. To put all our faith and energy into a deity, which may or may not exist, is a gamble with our own life, and quite possibly, the lives of all of us. That to me is truly frightening. 

Can somebody say Amen?

2 thoughts on “Just in Time for Halloween…Jesus Camp”

  1. “AMEN”

    I didn’t see it but it really sounds scary and bad. Children can and are led by many people who actually brainwash them into believing whatever they want them to believe. It’s very frightening. Thanks for sharing that piece of information with us.
    Again, Amen.


  2. The Exorcist was like Mary Poppins compared to how horrifying this film was. What is the world coming to??!!

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