3 days on the HMR Liquid Diet

Today is my 3rd day on the HMR liquid diet. I am feeling almost normal today. Yesterday I had a terrible headache and felt weak. I drank more fluids and took an aspirin and I felt a little better. I really am not hungry, but miss all the fun foods there are to eat! I am definitely going to limit them when I am back on solid food. I figure that I will have to be on this diet till February of next year if I want to reach my goal weight. I seriously doubt I will make it. The last time I did this was about 2 months and that was enough! The idea of not eating solid food for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and a trip to Walt Disney World in January sounds impossible. I intend to still eat healthy and  a lot less whenever I leave the liquid diet. I am working at exercising every day from now on too. I will keep you all posted.

 Starting weight: 260

Goal Weight: 175

2 thoughts on “3 days on the HMR Liquid Diet”

  1. Hello there,

    You always have to think about your health first, don’t overdo that, as long as you are eating healthy and stay relatively active. Don’t lose too much, otherwise you have to change the Blog’s name. 🙂

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