Goodbye Swimming Pool

Pool demolition

This weekend we had our inground swimming pool demolished and filled in with dirt. It was really kind of sad. There are many memories of good times. It needed a lot of repair work and we really just didn’t use it any more. I think I have been in it no more than 10 times over the last three years. It was going to cost about $8000 to semi fix it up and was only $5300 to fill it in. We have been dealing with rising electric costs, as well as expensive chemicals. And again, no one swam in it! I kept telling the neighbors to come and use it, but no takers! It is a lot of work and expense for only about 2 months of enjoyment here in Massachusetts. I will miss it though. My mother used to use it every day before she had her stroke. She kept thinking that she was gonna get in it again, but only made it once or twice when I carried her in. After the rain today, we can now hold mud wrestling matches!

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