Time To Reset The Diet Countdown

I am not losing weight. I don’t give you updates because I am failing, failing, failing. My body weight hovers around 260 and I can’t seem to get any better than that. Of course I eat whatever I want and hardly exercise. This is going to change next week! I have decided to return to a drastic measure that I was very successful at in the past… the medically supervised very low calorie diet. I did it in 1995 and lost a ton of weight. I am returning to the HMR weight loss class and will drink meal replacements for 3 months. It will be a struggle the first few weeks, but I will get great support from HMR and the doctor there. I know it is drastic, but it will take my choices away and losing 90 lbs will be a lot easier. I can then slowly add back in healthy foods at my new weight. I can’t chicken out this time. I will do it. I will reset my diet countdown and let you all know how it goes. Skinny Scott is making a return.

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